Hydrus Tech 2.0

Excellent performance

Hydrus Tech 2.0

Hydrus Tech 2.0 , the true " workhorse " of our range of portals.

Reliable and functional, this system offers a complete and efficient washing solution, with an excellent quality-price ratio.

Thanks to the important technological and design updates, it is even more performing . The new software and the introduction of new functional groups, such as the high pressure Power Ultra, guarantee indisputable washing results .

The Virtual Led version and the Stainless steel version represent the best of current events in the worldwide Carwash sector, offering an even more elegant and modern washing experience.

Freetouch Hp

The action of this touchless device takes place without contact with the vehicle , through high pressure inclined rotating nozzles at 70 Bar.

The use of an emollient product and skilful programming of dispensing/reaction times allow the most stubborn dirt to be dissolved .

Power Tech Ultra

With a washing power never seen before, Power Tech Ultra allows you to carry out optimal washing cycles, even without using brushes , to meet the needs of those customers who still today prove skeptical about placing their vehicle under them.

Led wheel guides

The new LED wheel guides offer a highly scenic set-up allowing easy insertion of the car into the washing area.

The color change warns the user that the vehicle is correctly positioned. When the plant is waiting, the LED lights alternate in an eye-catching multi-coloured sequence .


The intelligent washing system that adapts to your vehicle, without scratching or damaging the bodywork.

Thanks to a set of photocells, Profile Control Tech precisely detects and stores the profile of the vehicle and the particular shapes, instantly adapting the washing and drying components fluidly and without stops.

The Smart Shape system intelligently controls the brushes , adapting them to the shape of the vehicle and ensuring accurate and uniform cleaning , even in particular parts such as pick-ups, ski boxes, bicycle racks.


The perfect solution for removing the most stubborn dirt from the lower parts of cars, including the rims and sides.

Completely made of resistant and long lasting stainless steel , with high pressure nozzles and different combinations of use .

The independent dispensing of specific products allows cleaning over time and guarantees effective removal of dirt and dust from the lower parts of the vehicle.


Hydrus Virtual Led combines the tested great operational functions with the innovative multi-color LED stage set-up.

The fully customizable system offers endless color combinations to achieve any color match. Each LED strip can be managed individually.

The result, with a great visual impact, is sure to attract your customers.

Stainless steel version

Maximum duration

In this version Hydrus comes
proposed with its components
in AISI 304 stainless steel .
Fairing, upholstery, doors
and fronts are enriched
in aesthetics while also guaranteeing it
maximum protection from agents
atmospheric and long lasting

Technical details

Touch interface: Color touch screen display for operator

App: Application for mobile and tablet monitoring

Connectivity: Integrated ads connection

Column display: LED display for optimal positioning of the vehicle

Turbo side dryer: System that guarantees drying uniformity – available only in the premium version

Profile control tech: Vector system for washing uniformity with photocell barrier for millimetric scanning of the vehicle shape.

Standard colours: white ral 7035 – gray ral 7016

Wash performance : Up to 1400 washes/month

Shape Fit System: Optimized washing system for unusual shapes and spoilers

Front Display: LED display for personalized messages

Wheel Master: High pressure system in combination with the wheel washing brush

Pre-treatments: Preparation of up to 9 chemicals

High Pressure:
High pressure system for more performing washes

Colored Cascade:
LED illuminated cascade of foam for scenographic multicolor washes – available only for Hydrus tech 2.0 premium

LED Wheel Guide:
Support to facilitate vehicle positioning, with scenic effect

Customized Colours:
Colors on request from the RAL swatch

Design Finishes:
Carbon look on front doors

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