Phoenix Tech 2.0

Essential and Effective

Phoenix Tech 2.0

Phoenix Tech 2.0 is the entry level of the Tech range, this washing system is able to offer excellent performance even in self-service mode.

Thanks to its simplicity of installation and use, the Phoenix Tech 2.0 is an extremely productive system that allows you to carry out washing operations efficiently and quickly .

Compact and robust design

A design that springs from its technological essence. Softness and linearity of the profiles are a perfect synthesis of function and form.
The robustness of the structure
it is built without the use of welding. .

Small measures

The small size of the plant allows for
optimize spaces and facilitate installation in narrow or pre-existing areas : thanks to the retractable foam dispensers, you can also gain 30 cm.

Clear and simple display

The displays make it possible to convey promotional messages, information relating to the washing phases and useful information for the customer to activate the system in self-service mode.


The intelligent washing system that adapts to your vehicle, without scratching or damaging the bodywork.

Thanks to a set of photocells, Profile Control Tech precisely detects and stores the profile of the vehicle and the particular shapes, instantly adapting the washing and drying components fluidly and without stops.

The Smart Shape system intelligently controls the brushes , adapting them to the shape of the vehicle and ensuring accurate and uniform cleaning , even in particular parts such as pick-ups, ski boxes, bicycle racks.


The perfect solution for removing the most stubborn dirt from the lower parts of cars, including the rims and sides.

Completely made of resistant and long lasting stainless steel , with high pressure nozzles and different combinations of use .

The independent dispensing of specific products allows cleaning over time and guarantees effective removal of dirt and dust from the lower parts of the vehicle.

Premium version

Moving profile

The premium version of our washing system is the perfect choice for those looking for maximum precision and safety when washing their vehicle.

Thanks to the action of the horizontal device , pre-washing, washing and drying are carried out perfectly and safely, perfectly following the profile of the vehicle.

The water jets and air flows are directed by an asymmetric deflector which follows the shape of the vehicle with the utmost precision, guaranteeing thorough cleaning without damaging the bodywork

air plus version

Synchronous movement

The Air Plus version of our washing system represents the winning solution for optimal washing and drying thanks to the rotation of the water and air delivery systems .

The water distributed at high pressure favors the surfaces with an excellent washing power while the clearly visible effect of the powerful water jets gives the customer a pleasant sensation of the washing action.

Technical details

Touch interface: Color touch screen display for operator

App: Application for mobile and tablet monitoring

Connectivity: Integrated ADSL connection

Column display: LED display for optimal positioning of the vehicle

Turbo side dryer: System that guarantees drying uniformity – available only in the premium version

Profile control tech: Vector system for washing uniformity with photocell barrier for millimeter scanning of the vehicle shape.

Standard colours: white ral 7035 – gray ral 7016

Wash performance : Up to 1200 washes/month

Wheel Master: High pressure system in combination with the wheel washing brush

Preparation of up to 5 chemicals

High Pressure:
High pressure system for more performing washes

Hp pump on board the system: High pressure pump for space optimisation

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