Series CL 200

The Power of future, Today.

Series CL 200

The CL200 Series is the output of three visions of excellence in the carwash world. Built with dedication and premium materials, it offers exceptional performance and stunning design.

Each version embodies the same passion for the art of washing, but with a unique touch. Choose your preferred model and discover the magic of the CL200 Series.

Three models, only one target: The excellence

The Essentialy of Simplicity and Elegance


CL201 is the basic version of the CL200 series, an authentic icon of intelligent economy and captivating aesthetics.

This portal is designed to offer reliable performance and impeccable cleanliness, while maintaining an affordable investment.

Equipped with two oscillating Air Plus dryers, wheelwashers and two dosing pumps (Shampoo and Wax)

Main Features

Competitive Investment and Reduced Consumptions

Ideal for Car Rentals and Car Dealers

The perfect choice for those businesses that need a quick and reliable carwash machine without a big investment. Thanks to its Air Plus oscillating dryer, the power needed to operate this carwash unit is less than conventional contour following dryer stil mantaining a good drying result.

Aesthetic setting with adhesive

Washing dimensions


Higher Demand, Higher Efficiency


CL202 is the intermediate version of the CL200 Series that unites optimal washing results still considering a good design.

Based on the CL201, this variant offers a dryer with contour following blade with two 3 kw motors and two vertical dryers with 4 kw motors.

There is also the aesthetic Shield.

Main Features

Low Investment and Great Performance

Best Design:

Shield implies a better looking to the carwash machine giving a more professional look and better design

Increase of the Automation:

CL202 is perfect for car dealers, car rentals, and those carwash stations that firstly approach the automated carwash world. In fact this machine gives optimal washing and drying quality without the need of an operator

Washing dimensions




The Power of Future, Today


CL203 represents the top of the range in the CL202 Series. It unites the best washing quality and top design. This variant offers full horizontal, side and wheels High pressure combined with an onboard or offboard HP pump. This variant offers also the possibility of 4 dosing pumps.

CL203 offers to the client the best Shield and LED design (With one C on the left side)

Main features

Perfect Choice:

For car washes that intend to switch to self-service or take advantage of closing hours to offer a self-service

Top Level Features

It offers top-level functionality at an affordable investment, with an irresistible aesthetic impact thanks to the LEDs and metal shields

Washing dimensions:




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